Supari Journalists of India

Supari Journalists, Presstitutes! Actually there IS some truth in these words. A lot of truth, infact.

We see journalists blackmailing people and peddling stories so often, infactual reports with no attempt to verify them, no apologies to affected parties if proven wrong.

Twenty-somethings with little knowledge or experience or maturity are berating every institution on FM channels every morning; humbugs that have hardly been able to get passing grades in college are passing judgements on stalwarts and systems they are least equipped to understand (and on systems that they make no attempt to understand); uncouth undisciplined journos and their cameramen are roaming around with mics and cameras crowding every event like they own the place jumping over each other, interrupting each other at press-conferences. Peddling advertorials as real news.

But then there are bad fish everywhere amongst all professionals be they Engineers, Doctors or Bureaucrats or Entrepreneurs…. And then there are good ones too, everywhere, miniscule in proportion. Journalism too has its share of level-headed sincere journalists doing an honest day’s job.

The issue is that Journalists, as the fourth estate of power, wield unparalleled power to destroy or make people. And in India they work with impunity without any accountability. They literally get away with murder.

Kejriwal and VK Singh; and the Nepal imbroglio are showing a mirror to the Press. But are they seeing it? It is time the media looked inwards and set things right.


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