Perpetration of prejudices – an objective study on Sardar Jokes

Sardar jokes


I came across a paper by a Bosnian researcher on Ethnic jokes; Mr.Srdjan Vucetic, which done in the context of Bosnians, is quite analogic to the Sardar jokes. Also, much has been said on these ‘stupidity’ jokes by other philosophers and researchers. What emerges through their thesis is the belief that stereotypical intergroup jokes are “cultural signifiers” (Duara 1996: 165) or even invented traditions, which act to “socialize or inculcate beliefs, values, or behaviors” (Hobsbawm 1983: 9).


When you joke about Sikhs, you pretend to be referring to an objective thing, as if the person behind that joke is an inanimate object. But in joking, you socially construct and sustain relationships with them. According to Apte, who builds on Durkheim’s concept of collective representations, jokes “help define and redefine the boundaries of socially differentiated groups” and demarcating “us” from “them” (1985: 55).


And with the construction of difference…

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