A sinister design; and it is not about beef and cows.

Anyone who is reasonably acquainted with the riots preceding 1947 and after independence, knows that the Hindus and Muslims were irrevocably fed hatred for each other with killing of cows (and placing their carcasses near temples), and lynching of pigs (and placing their carcasses near mosques). Jinnah swayed the emotions of the Muslim minority and created a fear psychosis. Nehru knew he could not rule an un-divided India forever, so he let the country divide. The riots that followed independence killed over a million people. Good old Gandhi alone tried to control the fire, and paid for it with his life.

A dangerous game has started again. It looks carefully calibrated, the attacks, the press-coverage and the loudmouths from all sides. I am not naive enough to imagine that the Sangh Parivar is doing it alone. Congress is also playing the same game it played in 1947, of divide and rule. They are all playing Diabolique.

The beef prohibitions for a couple of days used to happen every year, and only this year the press raised the volume and started calling it a ‘ban’. Certainly, a mountain out of a molehill. The ‘Beef Ban’ story was an invention of the press, and now it has got out of hand. On whose orders, is anybody’s guess! Beef, which was never an issue since independence is suddenly centre-stage.

We are sitting on a tinder-box. I fear the hate mongers could place a cow on a temple stairs, or a pig on a mosque entrance and all hell might break lose. That stupid Azam Khan is already talking about going to the UN, an idea that he ought to know would only alienate his own Muslims from the majority (perhaps that is what he wants). The Sadhus and Sadhvis are barking from roof-tops too, the same way that they did before Independence.

Beware, ye all moderates, there is no Mahatma to stop the blood-shed if it happens again. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Alas!


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