A reality check for Canadian Sikhs

Canada now has a Sikh Defence Minister, I mean, that is a momentous occassion for Canadian Sikhs. With a 1.4% population in Canada, Sikhs have some representation in the Ministry at last.
With a 1.8% population in India, India on the other hand has had Sikhs as Defence Ministers (not once but twice), Prime Minister, President, Generals, Home Ministers, Umpteen Ministers, Air Force Chiefs, CBI Chiefs, CVC Chiefs, CEC, etc. etc..
Canadian Sikhs cry hoarse over the atrocities on Sikhs in India and curse Sikhs who stand for India. The above comparison is a reality check for them to realise why Indian Sikhs stand by India. Canada has a long way to go fellas! Hold your horses.


  1. The reason being that Indians are so neutered and pathetic that they rely on Punjabis to come bail them out of every situation whether it was against the Moghuls, British, Pakistan, Hindu caste system and now Hindutva BJP.

    So yeah we will cry hoarse cos in Canada Sikhs have respect, and are not abused and murdered on the streets, like we are in IS, Indian State


    • Are you serious? British ruled India with the help of Punjabis. They used us to subjugate the rest of India. so called Martial Race theory was created by them to brainwash us Punjabis. And the sad part is that Canadians like you are still being ruled by the Goras and are happy to be subjugated by them for generations. India does have its problems but Sikhs are facing no discrimination in India. I am a Sikh that lives in India, I know from experience not from propaganda based articles that you read sitting thousands of miles away. I would rather live by the message of the Gurus that considered themselves Hind Ki Chadar.

      P.S: If you wish we can debate extensively on this issue, provided you are willing to argue logically rather than rhetorically.


      • I’m not Indian/Punjabi/Sikh, but didnt this happen a few months ago? And kind of still happening?
        “The Indian Government opened fire against Sikhs that had gathered to protest against the lack of police action in a case of the desecration of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Sikh or not”

        This petition….

        Not defending the gorehs, but Sikh oppression and discrimination is real from what I’ve read.


      • There is NO discrimination. Firstly, there is no such thing as an “Indian Police”, the Punjab Police opened fire and that state police is tightly controlled by Punjab Govt which is ruled by Sikhs themselves. All this talk of discrimination is just propaganda sponsored by Sikhs living outside India and imaginative thinking. Remember Don Quixote attacking the windmills.


  2. There is discrimination against Sikhs in INDIA. Mr. K.V. SINGH can you tell me why SIKH REGIMENT was not allowed to participate in 26th Jan 2016 parade. Why thousands of Sikhs including children less than 1 years were murdred in Blue Star Operation, why thousands of sikh were murdered in 1984 riots in Delhi, why J & K Police fired on Sikhs and killed two sikh youth last year, Why Punjab police fired on Sikhs protesting peacfully against the desecration of Guru Granth Sahib.You are talking about Sikh government in punjab? They are all supporter of RSS and BJP. They dont need Sikhs, they need KURSI.

    Discrimination against Sikhs is not a propoganda. Its a reality. In 67 years of indpendence what Federal Government have given to Punjab. Any Industry, and other facility if you know any one???? If Sikhs or Punjabi are prosperous in Punjab, its merely their hard work.


    • I disagree
      26th January parade is not an annual affair for all Regiments. There is an annual roster and the chance occurs every few years.
      The 1984 riots were an aberration and were planned and there are many dimensions to it but certainly not discrimination.
      India is not perfect, there are faultlines between all comminities like anywhere else in the world. But there is no systematic discrimination against Sikhs.
      If you mean to say that your Canadian friends would not fire on a crowd brandishing swords and attacking the police, you are mistaken.
      My article on 26th January parade earlier created an interest in tge parade and suddenly you guys in Canada woke up to it. If you have watched the parade earlier you would have known that tge Sikh Regiment does parade every few years when it gets its chance.


    • As for Industry, India is a capitalist country and the 1980s insurgency pushed industry out of Punjab. Every state pursues industries for investment in their states. If Punjab government is sleeping you cant blame the Central Government.
      Btw, the next chief justice of Indian supreme court would be a Sikh. WGJKK, WGJKF


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