Finding the Body Of Tippoo Sultan

In honour of Tipu, the Sultan

Tipu was one of the very few Indian Kings who NEVER accepted British suzereinity and NEVER surrendered to the British.

The Rajputs, Marathas, Gorkhas, Dogras, Patiala Sikhs, Nawabs etc., all of them accepted the British flag and are to this date enjoying Royal trappings and wealth. If justice would have been done all these so called royals, traitors of Mother India should have met the fate of the Csars and French Royals.

Even Jhansi, Tantya Tope, etc rose up in Mutiny after their self interest was challenged. After Dalhousie’s Doctrine of Lapse made them redundent.

Tipu and Ranjit Singh, the only two powerful emperors of  India that the Britishers could not cajole, threaten or buy. The only two who the British feared. Like Ranjit Singh’s kingdom, after defeat Tipu’s kingdom was usurped. Both of their descendents died in penury.

And a boot licker of the British, Wadiyar was installed on Tipu’s throne.

And now these VHP idiots in Karnataka are not permitting Tipu’s centenary! All the while as they join and bend backwards in honour of the Wadiyar king every Dussehra. And do their Khamma Ghanis to the descendents of traitors across India.

India! You certainly are losing your blinkers, motherland! Wakey wakey, Wake up and honour your best. Salute Tipu.

Image courtesy: British Library website

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