Chickens coming home to roost in France

Chickens come home to roost. Do they have a French equivalent of this proverb?

About four years back, the ‘neutral’ BBC and CNN suddenly started airing non-stop news of Syrian Anti Assad forces and of how Assad would be next in line with Gaddafi of Libya and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Hillary Clinton ominously declared – ‘it is time for Assad to go’. US, French and UK forces supplied arms and ammunition to these so called freedom fighters to help them topple Assad. The BBC used to be so sure of the change in power in Syria that most of the morning bulletin was full of the atrocities by Assad and why it was important to support Anti-Assad forces.

And then suddenly one day we heard that the Anti-Assad forces had morphed into a force called ISIL, which then morphed into ISIS and then IS ( . The incontrovertible fact remains that ISIL was initally created through arms supplied by USA, France and UK, just to counterbalance the alliance of Syria, Iran and Russia. ( The strategy backfired on USA as this ISIL declared autonomy after gaining control of some oil fields, some major gold treasury deposits and with funds from USA’s main ally, Saudi Arabia. Hence was created the Islamic Caliphate.

Besides Syria, France has also intervened militarily in another major trouble zone – Libya. Libya and many other parts of North Africa used to be French Colonies and France acts as if it still owns those colonies. French fighter jets were earlier the FIRST to hit Gaddafi’s forces in Libya and pounded Libya, just to catch Gaddafi. Over 200,000 Libyan citizens fled the fighting for the Egyptian border. United Nations sanctioned these strikes as Russia abstained from the vote. Like Syria, they had ended up making a mess of Libya too, a country that is today fragmented into three major zones, each fighting with each other, with a major part being claimed by the Islamic Caliphate.

Rewind to Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen: places they de-stabilised just to hoist some dictators that listened more to them rather than to Russia. The stories would take pages but in short the lesson was that they de-stabilised prosperous economies just to serve their colonial interests.

Rewind further, remember Iraq: Iraq is today the playground of Islamic forces, but it all started with the Allies pounding Saddam Hussain’s stable and prosperous Iraq just because that baffoon Bush disliked Saddam’s face. Today Iraq has ceased to exist as a country, with three major forces fighting for control, the Islamic State, the US supported democratic government and the Russia supported Kurdish fighters. Thousands dead and more dying every day.

But exactly when did the chickens start roosting? Remember Afghanistan, when just to send back Russia, USA and its allies conceived the idea of Jehad and trained Mujahideen like Osama Bin Laden.

India solely bore the brunt of Afghanistani mujahideen who just to spend their time after the Russians went back ended up in Indian Kashmir and created terrorist training camps for Kashmir. The world did not listen when India cried out to the world as Indians were killed in Jammu, Delhi or Mumbai.

Terrorists feed on real or perceived ideas of injustice. If the above instances depict anything, they depict an un-ending stream of ill-conceived bravado by the so-called developed world, assuming supremacy over the lesser developed countries; with the objective of keeping the oil pumping and to prop up their defence economy by fomenting wars across the world.

They should have learnt their lessons from Afghanistan in the 80s, or from Iraq. But they just keep on and on and on, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria. Civilians dead in the ‘other’ countries as a result of conflict created by the developed world is seen as ‘collateral damage’.

So, chickens are coming home to roost in France as over 150 people died in attacks by Islamic State yesterday. Earlier the chickens went to USA on 9/11, and to Pakistan in Peshawar.

Google translator says in French “Poulets viennent maison au perchoir”

P.S: The answer? Certainly not the ‘pitiless reaction’ as propounded by the French President Monsieur Hollande. Return to the message of Gandhi, return to the message of Buddha, return to the message of Christ.


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