JNU debate – the real questions.

The big question has been sidelined in the court scuffles. That idiot BJP MLA has done more harm to the nation by diverting attention from the actual incident. For the press, an attack on their ilk is far bigger than an attack on the nation.

The big questions?  – Who is organising these anti-India sloganeering in Hyderabad, JNU and now Jadhavpur Univ.? Who benefits by keeping India on the boil?

The big question – Is calling for independence of states now an accepted social liberal thought?

Is standing for the integrity of nation being a scoundrel?  Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, they say. If it is so, i hope there are more scoundrels in the country. These JNU desh-drohis must face the law, with all its might.

And when I say this, I lose friends, friends who have so evolved their thoughts that the country’s borders are negotiable now just to pull down Modi. I rather stay at a lower intellectual plane than lose my love for my country’s map.

Can’t you see the pattern. Someone is trying to break your country and all that you care for is to call Modi names! Surely you can see the pattern , the pattern is the same, can’t be a coincidence. Combine Dalit grievances with minority politics and hit India’s soft belly. Rouse passions, hurl stones at the country and when some moron rightists react, change the narrative to modi’s high handedness.

The initial incident buried and the reactive incidents in the forefront.

Classic obfuscation techniques. Having been a fan of marx/ lenin/ che as a youth myself, I can see reflections of classic communist tactics.

Pappu seems to have found some really crafty strategists. Not a single week has passed in past two yeara when a mini crisis has not been created to stall the parliament and raise fears of an emergency. Dadri, beef, aamir, etc etc, let the country simmer.

Modi and his coterie don’t have a clue on how to handle this. They are spiralling into a trap which will strangle their governance. They need to reign in their goondas too who are aggravating the issues.

And moderates like me don’t have a place to hide. You support Aamir Khan, you lose some Bhakt friends and are branded anti-national. You oppose JNU sloganeering and you are branded a Bhakt by your liberal friends and called names.

Where is the middle ground? I want it back, my space for a dispassionate debate and the right to call a spade a spade without the fear of losing friends.

And, I hope someone puts some sense into those kids. This nation is to be nurtured with love, not by glorifying terrorists who attacked your parliament.


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