Statues disfigured by Islamic invaders

India has borne ISIS, over a thousand years.

In the Vijay Stambh at Chittor, every step up reveals shattered murals on the walls, with dents of swords visible on noses and busts of some pretty intricate sculptures. It is said that the damage was done by Khilji’s army during his occupation of Chittor Fort, or perhaps by Akbar’s army. The Historians might have an answer.

Around Jaipur there is a small town called Abhaneri, where you see the same destruction of statues and murals. Destroyed pillars with dents of swords clearly visible, carelessly strewn around in a dump-yard.

100_7996 (1).JPG
The destroyed idols of Abhaneri

A two hour walk around the Qutab Minar is so profoundly saddening as you see stones and pillars of erstwhile temples jumbled and re-erected in a courtyard around the Lauh Stambh. Destruction sanctified by powers that were. People come and click the Qutab Minar, indeed a magnificent monument but no one ever gives a thought to the plundered heritage that lies visible all around it.


The corridors around the Qutab – made from pillars of destroyed temples. You can still see the broken hindu statuettes at the bottom of these pillars…does anyone notice the GANESHA inscribed on the second lintel from left..



One can still see the broken hindu statuettes at the bottom of these pillars… temples were destroyed, and their columns of odd sizes, each different from the other were re-assembled in this corridor.

166023_10151622836557165_203692321_nBut then that is the norm across India, imprints of Ghazni, Gauri, Khilji or Abdali.

One hears stories of their marauding hordes and wonders if the stories were true or were just inventions of later historians, the ideology of destruction, cruelty and loot in the name of religion.

And then you see the actions of ISIS, the plunder of Palmyra in Syria; and you know the answer instinctively. The stories can’t be false. Not only the stories of destruction of idols and temples, but the stories of plunder, the stories of slave girls, the stories of institutionalised rape, which still thrive under the ISIS (so called Caliphate).

Madmen, as Obama calls them. If the mad ideology has survived for a thousand years across the world, if India has been bearing this ideology for a thousand years, they are not going anywhere, not before the destruction of the world, I fear.


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