India, War or Peace?

India was attacked yesterday in Uri by Pakistani based terrorists, and India is looking for a calibrated response that adequately punishes Pakistan for its continued acts of terrorism against India. Closely followed by earlier attack on Pathankot, a response becomes all the more necessary.

War is not a solution, most Indians agree; we can’t just put our economy at risk. But what bugs me is that in our desire for peace and economic stability, we are following the same doctrine that Prithviraj Chauhan followed for twelve years against Ghori…everytime Ghori raided Sind/Gujarat/Punjab, Chauhan repulsed the raids and never took the attack across the Khyber: after the First Battle of Tarain, Chauhan even captured Ghori and released him… Ghori came again and again, won just once in the Second Battle of Tarain. We know the story; he never went back, and left a legacy that enslaved us for thousand years.

We also know that Pakistan has been defeated four times, (well three to be exact, the fourth was a stalemate) ; and what do we do each time? We let the advantage fritter away and let them re-group again to attack again. Exactly what the invaders into India have been doing over the ages, with India never attacking outside their borders.

आज फ़िर हुए हिन्द की हद पे

गौरी के हमले 

आज फिर चौहान जैसे

दरबार ही दरबार

Ghori attacks, yet again,

Hind in pain, injured again

Chauhan, hither, as always

Courts peace, yet again

As we list the pros and cons of an immediate war, the movement of the sensex, probable impact on growth rate, risk of nucleur war, all legitimate concerns, we measure them all in a medium term frame of a decade or even less. All sort of tactics must be part of a long term strategy.

  • What must be the long term strategy?
    • The long term strategy can only be for winning the war of attrition with Pakistan, by hook or by crook
  • Are our future generations going to be slaves again?
    • Possible, if we continue the Chauhan doctrine
  • Will Pakistan ever stop for peace?
    • No, of course not. Unless they have a revolutionary reform internally.
  • Can an officially Islamic Pakistan ignore the Prophet’s directions for Ghazwa E Hind as enshrined in one of their Hadiths?
    • No, as long as they have an Islamic constitution, Ghazwa E Hind is their religious obligation and they will do everything to implment it.
  • Is the freedom we take for granted after 1000 years of slavery just a small capsule of light in the continued journey of our nation’s slavery?
    • Yes, if we don’t change track.
  • Will Pakistan ever vacate an area occupied by it if it won a war?
    • India occupied the outskirts of Lahore in 1965. It gave them back. If Pakistan had crossed the Wagah and occupied the outskirts of Amritsar, it would NEVER have gone back. We all know the answer.
  • Are we doomed for a nucleur wasteland in the sub-continent?
    • Perhaps, the cost of a full-fledged war can be our vaporisation and 700 years of wasteland.
  • Is our generation along with that of our grandparents and parents one of the very few generations to live in an Independent nation?
    • I hope not.

I dont have the answers, but it bugs me