Is the night over yet?

I open my eyes, and look at the sky
Ah, this might be the dawn of peace
Is the night over yet?

I hear there’s hope, the world is rising
Races gone, humans thriving
Joy slithers in with a gorgeous fate.

And then I blink as the machete strikes,
Life flickers as the drones fly
Ah, they shot down a flying jet

Oceans of blood some cross in fear
Wails and cries are all I hear
Beheadings galore, humans dead

Paris, Nice, MumbaiĀ and Kashmir,
Mosul, Raqqa, Yemen and Syr
I drop my lids moist in red

Raise a toast, the tramp has won
We’ll blast them off the barrel of our gun
Watch the music play in hate

Close my ears, close my lids
Smokes of pain, clouds of shame
Not the time to wake up, mate.

– Kulveer Singh, after watching Al Jazeera and BBC every morning.


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