Leave the kid alone!

A college going girl posted a video calling for peace with Pakistan.

What did the poor gal Gurmeher Kaur say? That she wants peace not war! Big deal. Half the nation pouncing on her for just saying that. Of course we all want peace, even the army wants peace; who wants a war where millions can be killed for no fault of theirs? I want peace not war. Pakistan state is an enemy, not its people. Big deal.

ABVP was always a gang of rowdies; even when we were in college; seems now they are a law unto themselves, in time the small gali ka goonda has grown into a bhaai log type goonda. Contrast this with the lenin ke bachche in their red kachche, they too have grown to the extent that they have the galls to call for breaking up of India openly. SFI or ABVP or NSUI, all are running their political agendas, feeding on gullible kids. Both the SFI with their anti-India sloganeering earlier or ABVP with their rogue behaviour must be condemned unequivocally. NSUI can condemn itself to powder just by being Pappooised.

Caught in the cross-fire of these political outfits are kids like Gurmeher, kids that are trying to find their ideological moorings and filtering their beliefs. Any thinking student ought to go through this churning, that is what is going to give us an evolved citizen. Give them time to grow up and find their path.

It seems that the extreme left and the extreme right are demons feeding on each other; with the silent whimpering middle stuck in the middle. There needs to be space for debate, space for protest, space for churning of thoughts. The ideological mafias of the Left and the Right, both with their rigid mofussil philosophies are killing India.

This is not sustainable, let’s suppose we with our heated debates kill the multicultural mooring of India and end up fragmenting our social fabric. Would we like to live here then in a country that is a mirror image of Pakistan? We won’t even be able to follow Aamir Khan to Trump’s USA; Syria is not a good option either. Time to find Alpha Vega 19207 beyond Alpha Centauri in the Galaxy next door…., they found 7 exo-planets recently. Or we have an option while we have it, screw the right and left, come to the middle ground, and squeeze them away to the fringes.


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