Tinted Glasses of Pakistan's false history

Pakistan’s history distortion, and the genie it unbottled

Pakistan lives with a historical identity full of myths and lies. Pakistan has a simple solution to history, they just imagine that India was not there before the British came, it was all Pakistan under the Mughals. Indian kings like Ashoka, Chandragupta etc just do not exist in their historical books. It was President Zia Ul Haq of Pakistan that started the Islamisation of Pakistan Textbooks with the official policy stating that “highest priority would be given to the revision of the curricula with a view to reorganizing the entire content around Islamic thought … to refashion society according to Islamic tenets”.

Zia Ul Haq
Zia Ul Haq

While there were extremists on both sides, who agitated every now and then, Hindus and Muslims, had been living together for more than a thousand years. In the textbooks and official history of Pakistan, the impression was made that both communities were at war with each other.

For example with regard to Ancient History:

  • Pakistan’s history is taught as if it began with the conquest of Sindh by the Umayyad army, led by the young General, Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 AD. A Text Book of Pakistan Studies claims that “Pakistan came to be established for the first time when the Arabs under Mohammad bin Qasim occupied Sindh Multan’; by the thirteenth century
  • Invaders like Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmood Ghaznavi and Muhammad Ghauri are glorified as heroes who attacked the subcontinent to propagate Islam.
  • Akbar is presented as a villain because he married a Hindu woman and tried to include them in his ruling circle.
  • On the other hand, Aurangzeb is referred to as a hero for his extremist views and his “services” to Islam
  • Pakistan Text books say that at one point of time (during Mughal rule) Pakistan extended upto the Deccan and India was a small country limited to Kerala. Sample the language : “by the thirteenth century ‘Pakistan had spread to include the whole of Northern India and Bengal’ and then under the Khiljis, Pakistan moved further south-ward to include a greater part of Central India and the Deccan’. […] The spirit of Pakistan asserted itself’, and under Aurangzeb the ‘Pakistan spirit gathered in strength’; his death ‘weakened the Pakistan spirit’”.

    Hindu has always been an enemy: Pak books
    Hindu has always been an enemy of Pakistan: as taught to Class V students of Pakistan
  • This great historic discovery is taught to Std V students, “Previously, India was part of Pakistan.”
  • Most textbooks in Sindh at least do mention Moenjodaro and the Indus Valley civilisation, but it is not discussed in a meaningful way and there is no discussion about its extent and culture.
  • Important periods and events during subsequent centuries are also skimmed over, like the Aryan civilisation which introduced its powerful social system and epic poetry (Mahabharata in which Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa play important roles), the Brahmin religion, a thousand years of Buddhism with its universities and the Gandharan civilisation which was spread throughout present day Pakistan.
  • No students of Pakistani schools can tell us that Asoka whose capital was in Pataliputra in the east of the subcontinent also counted Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab as part of his domain.

Accordingly, what began with Zia has now resulted in a situation where the history of Pakistan is thoroughly islamised and is quite delusional.

With regard to recent history:

Bangladesh was created after a systematic genocide of Bengalis in East Pakistan by the West Pakistan dominated army.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman addressing a gathering – 1971

This is a fact well accepted by most historians. Besides the genocide, it is well known that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of West Pakistan refused to accept the results of the general elections that had resulted in majority for the East Pakistani Mujeeb Ur Rahman and this resulted in open feelings of discontentment in East Pakistan.

The current Pakistan history books do not accept any fault on part of West Pakistan and puts the blame for secession of Bangladesh squarely on India and the Hindus.

The after-effects

Pakistan breeds a historical narrative that blatantly teaches to its children that Hindus can never reconcile with Muslims. Moroever, the terror factories of Pakistan are fed on such lies; with children being fed with cooked up stories of an unending clash of religions in the region. The frankensteinian monster created by Pakistan’s distortion of history has destabilised the whole sub-continent and until Pakistan starts rationalising its historical timelines, no reconciliation is ever possible between India and Pakistan.

For those who can understand Hindi; I wrote some lines on the radicalisation of education in Islam, which imminently was the reason for the killing of school-kids in Peshawar by the radicalised Jehadis.

कुछ सच कुछ झूट का शोरबा पकाया

इतिहास की किताब में दबाया

घोट घोट के पिलाया, जिगर के टुकड़ों को

और वो शोरबा भी क्या गज़ब था

उबलता रहा, पसरता रहा

पड़ोसी के घर, कहर बन बरसता रहा

जब नींद खुली लिज्ज़त की, तो देखा

वो जिगर का टुकड़ा था

घर अपने ही, राक्षस बन चड़ा था


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