Open letter to Pakistanis intent on Khalistan

My Dear friend from Pakistan; I got your message and am glad to hear that Pakistan is willing to help Sikhs in creation of Khalistan. May Allah be with you.

Some of my Sikh NRI brethren are really full of this Khalistan idea; I am sure they would love your support. Please help them. Pakistanis may start by making up for killing millions of Sikhs during the 1947 partition; so just give the Lands, Havelis and the Gurdwaras that you stole from our ancestors to these Sikh NRIs initially. These people would love to live in and around Lahore; try to adjust them near Nankana Saab and Panja Saab.

Pakistan is illegally occupying land of the Khalsa Raj of Sikhs since 1947. Give it back too, while you are doing this good deed. The area from the banks of Sutlej to the Khyber Pass belonged to our empire; only that would suffice for now.

In fact, in a just world, Pakistan should have been named Khalistan; I dont know where this injustice happened against us. Britishers took rule from Ranjit Singh’s ten year old son under a false treaty; which is legally null and void (minors are not legally sound to sign documents, oh yes!) . Hence, area should have been given back to Sikhs after they left, isn’t it? What right did the British have to give Lahore to Jinnah?…anyway, no lasting damage done; in due course, Pakistan must return the Khalsa kingdom to us that they have illegally occupied.

Or better still, you can further help your Sikh brothers by naming Pakistan as Khalistan in honour of your new found love for Sikhs; Lahore will be the capital of Khalistan; no we don’t like Islamabad, you may keep it as a special enclave. Sikhs promise that we will treat all non-Sikh subjects with benevolence and love, the system of Khalsa Raj will be secular as it was during the reign of Ranjit Singh.

As for Sikhs living in India, we are happy in India and we don’t need your help. Khalistan movement does not hold any traction in the urban or local populace of Punjab. Indian Sikhs love India and see themselves as proud Indians, willing to lay down their lives for the nation. India also on its part has been benevolent to Sikhs.

Since 1984, India has had a Sikh Prime-Minister; has had several Generals, Air-chiefs, Admirals, Chief Election Commissioner, heads of CBI, Chief Justices et. al. Sikhs have wide presence in the public administration, defence and business community. Sikh poets, singers and actors have thrived across India. India as a society, and successive Indian governments have not displayed any systematic antipathy to Sikhs; rather it is evident that 1984 was an aberration in India’s journey as a nation.

Raj Karega Khalsa, but the Raj will be over Lahore.

Jai Hind

Post Script: Just an image of how dashing the Sikhs would look in Lahore; this photograph from 1965 war.

Indian Army Sikhs, Barki Lahore, 1965
Indian Army captured the Barkee town on outskirts of Lahore in 1965 war with Pakistan.

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