Pointing Finger, three fingers pointing to you

Do terrorists have a religion?

Do terrorists have a religion? Yes, they have.

Terrorists are terrorists, primarily because they have a religion; albeit a distorted tunnel vision of their religion. Religious terror perpetuates only because it is sanctioned by religious dogmas.

Most adherents of all religions are peaceful; only a miniscule minority believes outrageous interpretations of each of their scriptures. Yet, just a few of these brigands have kept conflict factories running for thousands of years.

Being an Indian, I write in context to India, where it’s politically incorrect to use the term “Islamic Terror”, but even the most liberal journalists don’t bat an eyelid before using the term “Sikh Terrorism” or “Saffron Terror”. Fact of the matter is that just as Khalistani terrorists brought Punjab to the brink of Kabulisation; just as Saffron Terrorists if allowed to foster could Balkanise India, Wahhabi Islam has brought the world to the brink of annihilation.

One can’t set aside the fact that Wahhabi Islam has wrecked peace in Kashmir and threatens to engulf the rest of India. One can’t brush aside the fact that Kashmir, at its lowest common multiple, is a remnant of Jinnah’s two nation theory based on ‘religion’, on the inability of adherants of his ‘religion’ to agree to a democratic system of governance in a system dominated by adherants of other religions, even if operated through a secular constitution.

The forced ouster of Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmir Sikhs from Kashmir is always brushed aside as a conspiracy by Jagmohan, or as a secular event; one wonders how a secular Azadi struggle ended up pushing out only the Pandits and the Sikhs from Kashmir.

Say it loud – say it loud enough and stare those buffoons in the face – Islamic Terrorists, Christian Terrorits, Sikh Terrorists, Hindu Terrorists!. All of them are rabble-rousers, out to break the integrity of India. None of them is a saint; all of them are killers. One needs to get out of the cycle of blame-game against the other, one needs to break this cycle of hypocricy where the other’s bastards are disowned while ones’ own bastards are owned and taken in.

Christianity had its push-back against the Crusades and the domination of a violent Papacy through Protestants; Hindus have an inherent wisdom to rationalise the violent dogmas of the Mahabharata and to give them a peacful tint; Sikhs too have displayed adequate capacity to push the terror bull back by its horns. The Muslims have yet to display that capacity; they have yet to acknowledge the problem and to take the issue head on by actively rationalizing interpretations of their scriptures moderated in today’s context.

Kashmir in India is a test-case. India has always been a fountainhead of wisdom, can Indian Muslims start the ball rolling on reform of Wahhabism? Would the Muslims of India, especially from Kashmir, stand up together against the Wahhabi elements hijacking their narrative?  Pointing a finger at others is easy, sometimes one needs to look at the rest of the three fingers, where are they pointing? I am looking at my fingers, are you?


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